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Meet Conde

"A lot of people claim to be transformational. Conde and her process is the transformational real deal."  

Connie Dorigan

Welcome, I'm Conde Bartlett, the owner of Cocoon Wellness Center, speaker, channel and best selling author of The Way to You: Conversations with The Collective.  I am also the founder and moderator of the Women with Fibromyalgia Self-healing Facebook support group with over nine thousand members.   I have a much different skill set than most people you will meet.  You could say I am hard wired to help people find clarity and solutions to challenges in their life, no matter how long or how hard they have struggled.  Most often they find a new meaning and peace in their lives that wasn't there before, many find physcial and emotional healing, all find spiritual healing.

I was born in to a family of healers.

I was born into a family of healers, my father was a healer and his mother was also a healer.  Both sides of my family were scattered with amazing people who had strong intuitive abilities as well as healing gifts.  Some people would say that these are gifts, while others might argue that the average person uses 10% of their brain capacity and perhaps my family knew how to tap in to and access the other 90% to help people heal. 

At the age of four I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and suffered continuous seizures.  One day while playing outside I fell to the ground and began to seizure, my father immediately began sending me his healing energy and I was healed in that moment. I've never experienced another epileptic seizure since. The epilepsy was completely gone.

As a child I was encouraged and taught to use and build my intuitive and healing abilities.  In my early twenties I moved away from my family and put all that on the back burner.

How could someone forget they're a healer?

I guess you would say I'm a slow learner; it took over 20 years of chronic illness for me to understand, or remember where I came from and who I was, a healer.  Those years of illness helped me understand that traditional medicine doesn't always have the answer for everyone, it certainly didn't for me.  It also helped me to have an understanding and compassion for others living with chronic illness and or pain.  During that time I started looking for an alternative solution that would get to the root cause of my illness, so I could regain my health.  Although there were times when I wanted to give up or give in, I continued the search for the answer.  In desperation I tried everything, every alternative solution I could find.  I finally experienced a form of healing called Reconnective Healing, the experience was so amazing to me that I was compelled to learn how to do it myself.  It was after that was when I began to connect the dots in my story.

And that's when my journey really began.

When I made the conscious decision to be a healer it started a perpetual personal transformation and a spiritual evolution.  My healing abilities have continually grown and my vibrational level continues to rise.  This work is my passion; it is why I am here.  I'm committed to help people heal and transform their lives by eliminating the blocks to healing, and by balancing and raising their personal energetic frequency so their bodies can do what they naturally know how to do, heal. 

As a channel, an intuitive and a healer, my gift is balancing and clearing a person's energy fields - during each session; I am directing my energy to change a current situation into a desired state of being.  It is helping to restore energetic balance and harmony so that the body, mind, and spirit can heal its self. 

Over the past eight years I have helped thousands people find relief from chronic pain and disease.  In many cases the healing that happend left many doctors scratching their heads.  

Here are some of the client results:

  • Elimination of chronic pain  
  • Complete allergy elimination
  • Stress relief
  • Grief and loss resolution
  • Improved body image  
  • Relief from anxiety, phobias, and chronic depression
  • Improved memory, clarity and focus
  • Increased quality of life
  • Reimagining careers and purpose
  • Releasing emotional trauma and PTSD
  • Spiritual evolution and transformation
  • Increased flexibility, energy and stamina
  • Chronic headache relief
  • Alleviating Trijeminal Nueralgia
  • Fibromyalgia relief
  • Health restoration
  • Stopping self-sabotage
  • Increased financial prosperity

More about Conde ....

I am the primary wellness practitioner at Cocoon Wellness Center.   After suffering with chronic illness for over 20 years and almost loosing my life.  I understand the true impact of chronic illness, like the emotional pain and guilt it causes, the loss of independence and self worth, and the toll it takes on personal relationships.   My story is one of recovery, healing and hope.  I specialize in assisting men and women, whose lives have been dismantled by chronic illness and pain, helping them to regain their own health and well-being and start enjoying life again.

I worked in the past as a corporate accountant, business owner, and entrepreneur who developed a product called Thought Shifters, designed to help people become aware of negative thought patterns and belief systems and replace them with positive thoughts and affirmations. I am a life time student of spiritual growth and practices Yoga.

As an advocate for children I served on the Tigard-Tualatin Board of Education for four years and also served as Portland area Alateen coordinator for several years. In 2002 I was awarded the Commitment to Youth Award from the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce, an award that was created in my honor.

I am not a doctor, therefore I do not diagnose issues or prescribe medications.  I do not claim to cure any specific disease.  Your body knows how to heal itself.