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Hello My Lovely,

The Women with Fibromyalgia Self-Healing Support Group is for women who believe that healing is possible and they are committed to finding the root cause of their illness. 

Resources:  There are tons of resources in the group files to help you start your self-healing journey. 

Group events:  There are three times a month that I am on Facebook Live in the group discussing mindset, essential oils and tapping to clear emotional baggage and limiting beliefs.

I am Conde Bartlett the admin for the group and I am a Channel, Author, Speaker, Energetic Healer, and Tapping and Essential Oil Expert. I have the unique ability to see what is possible for people and help them achieve it. As the owner of Cocoon Wellness Center for the last nine years I have helped thousands of people create changes they never dreamed possible; physical healing, happiness, spiritual awareness and financial abundance. I also love to have fun and have a contagious giggle.

I am looking forward to getting to know you.

Much love,