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Don’t settle for letting Fibro pain and

fatigue wreck your life!

Does it seem like all you do is hurt?  Then you take meds wait for them to kick in and nap, get very little done, hurt some more and start the whole process over again… ughhh   You try to keep your mind off the pain and busy but you are unable to focus….. You may struggle with the hyper sensitivity of your five senses; your hearing, sight, and smell are so acute and over the top that it is unbearable.

Have you been fighting to get well, going from one doctor to another, taken special supplements, tried restrictive diets, tinctures, and maybe you’ve tried everything you could find, and the only thing you got was overwhelmed and discouraged.

If you feel isolated and angry because your family and friends just don’t get it.   They say ‘you look too good to be sick’and expect you to be able to get up and go.  Perhaps your friends have a hard time understanding why appointments/dates are canceled?  Maybe your doctor says ‘there is nothing wrong with you’ and ‘it is probably all in your head’ and counseling is the best  option he/she can think of.  If this is you, know that you are not alone!

To date, the disorder affects an estimated 10 million people in the U.S. and an estimated 3-6% of the world population. While it is most prevalent in women —75-90 percent of the people who have Fibro are women.

Being diagnosed with a lifelong chronic disease is a type of emotional trauma.  A diagnosis of Fibromyalgia for some can feel like a death sentence; hopeless,  confusing and scary, totally overwhelming and devastating…

Sadly, according to our current, medical model, there appears to be no cure, so treatment for Fibromyalgia focuses on relieving the symptoms…

But the most commonly used treatments often lead to devastating side effects!

It takes an average of nearly two years for a patient to receive a diagnosis, and in the meantime they often end up consulting multiple specialists for all their symptoms: a dermatologist, an endocrinologist, an immunologist, a neurologist, an orthopedist, a psychologist, or a rheumatologist…

Patients are often told by their doctors, “There’s nothing wrong with you,” or, “It’s all in your head,” or, “You’re just a little run down.”

This leads to an emotional hell of self-blame, hopelessness, feeling overwhelmed by the daily household chores that seem effortless for the rest of the world.   You question your own sanity as the devastation impacts your self-esteem, sexuality, relationships, and your career or job if you’re able to maintain one.   The emotional impact of this invisible disease makes you begin to question your own sanity.

But here’s the good news:   Your body is powerful and it already knows how to heal  itself.  

You may be struggling with pain, fatigue and frustration, you may feel like giving up, but don’t because I am here to tell you things can get better, your health, your life, and your ability to feel happy.  It is possible to start feeling better on step at a time by addressing the root cause of the chronic pain which is connected to unresolved emotions, traumas, limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns.

When your body is in balance it can heal itself.  Even if you feel like you are running on empty, overwhelmed and feeling like you don’t know what to do.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) there is an emotional component in 85% of all illnesses!

As science has now proven, your thoughts and your patterns of belief produce chemical reactions in your body that affect your nervous system, as well as your digestive and endocrine systems, your hormones, your energy level, even your balance. And they all immediately and directly impact your immune system and your ability to heal.

Unfortunately, in our modern society our high levels of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and other negative emotions that we deal with on a regular basis put a tremendous strain on the body systems that regulate health and healing.

The good news for you though, is that by uncovering and releasing the unconscious emotional components that are negatively impacting your health with pain and illness, you have the ability to actually modify chemical reactions happening in your body, so that the body can reprogram itself and begin healing.

So how do you reprogram your unconscious mind to bring your body back into balance?

When you shift your unconscious beliefs and emotions, you shift the chemicals being released into the body. In doing so, you are literally able to shift your nervous system, as well as your digestive and endocrine systems, your hormones, your energy levels and more!

Over the last few years I’ve developed and refined a specific process to release unconscious beliefs and emotions that may be creating your illness and or making your physical pain worse. I developed this process after years of working with chronic pain and illness clients one-on-one.


Don’t settle for letting pain or fatigue wreck your life!

You can feel better, live better, and be better.

If you are ready to feel better… Then schedule an appointment for your Invisible Illness Consultation now to help you understand what your next steps are to emotional balance, better health, and feeling in control of your life again.  Let’s see if my programs may be a fit what you need.

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