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What my happy clients are saying…

Bailey’s Struggle with Chronic Anxiety is Ends in a Burst of Confidence

If someone told me a few months ago that I would very soon be living a completely anxiety free life, I wouldn’t have believed them. So when Conde told me she was going to help me do just that you can imagine my skepticism. I have dealt with anxiety and anxiety-related issues since I was very young. In my young adulthood these issues had become out of control. I have been prescribed every medication under the sun to control my anxiety and depression. When I decided I wanted to take a more natural and holistic approach to healing I didn’t know where to turn, and that is where Conde came into my life.

Before my treatment with Conde I was living with an extremely high amount of anxiety every single day. I experienced a constant heaviness that sat on my chest at all times. I was extremely emotional, had a lack of energy, and constantly felt like I was in the fight or flight mode. I wasn’t prepared to deal with any daily stressors because my base anxiety level was already so high. Sometimes this anxiety would even lead to debilitating panic attacks. Some of my anxiety triggers kept me from living my daily life. For instance, I couldn’t plan more than one thing a day because my anxiety over scheduling times prevented me from it. I wasn’t able to do anything spontaneously and I felt being pessimistic was the best way to protect myself. My self-love was depleting and I felt truly helpless.

Through Conde’s healing and teachings I have taken control of my own life again. She was able to help me recognize my self-depreciating tendencies and gave me the tools to change them. The amount of healing that took place with her is truly remarkable. Now the only time I feel overwhelmed is when I think of my gratitude towards Conde for helping me live not just a normal life – but to set intentions for the life I dream of. I have been completely anxiety free for the first time ever, have way more energy, and feel true happiness and excitement for continued growth in my newfound freedom.

– Bailey Seibel

Jennifer’s Story – Anxiety, disempowered, and a old distructive habit erased.

“Conde is the real deal. In all honesty, I initially was skeptical that energy work could affectively address my challenge.  After my first session with Conde, I felt an immediate sense of relief from the physical and emotionalanxiety I have struggled with for most of my life.  She helped me to understand my challenge in a new way, and taught me strategies and tools to immediately shift out of that disempowered state whenever it arises.  I gratefully credit Conde for helping me to FINALLY break an unwanted habit I have had for many years. I’m an even better version of me now.  Thank you, Conde, from the bottom of my heart for your deep compassion, your extraordinary and effective gifts and your unleashed desire to help people.”

Jennifer Blankl, The Art of Fulfillment, Portland, OR

John’s Story – Trigeminal Neuralgia gone after 40 years

“I was experiencing excruciating pain due to a chronic condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia.  I had been struggling with this condition since my mid-teens, over 40 years; and the current exacerbation for about a month.  Although I had some very positive sessions with Conde I was skeptical about overcoming a physical condition such as this, using her alternative energy healing methods along with oils, tapping, and general mind games. I didn’t think it would work because I had suffered with it for most of my life.

​My key breakthrough occurred in the days after a brief discussion we had where we added a simple change of context of my speech patterns regarding recovery.  The mind-gnawing symptoms began abating and the remaining pains reduced to zero over a period of few days.  I think our discussion was on a Thursday and I was pain free by the following Tuesday.  From a point where I did not know how or if I would return to a pain free normal life, let alone my professional activities; I am now in complete health and wellness and my energy towards life’s everyday challenges is stronger than it had been in the last 5 years!

​Now with occasional sessions with Conde we are building on my new found health and energy to achieve greater successes in other areas of my life!”

John Sheldon

“A lot of people claim to be transformational. Conde and her process is the transformational real deal.”  -Connie Dorigan

Gretchen’s story of pain relief

“I want to do a shout out to Conde Bartlett…Yesterday Conde did an energetic healing on me. I have been working to overcome rotator cuff tendinitis with a great chiropractor. He has helped me move from a pain scale of 9 (out of 10) to a 6.5/7. Conde worked on me and yesterday after our session I am now at a 3 on the pain scale.

I’m gobsmacked! I wasn’t expecting much (sorry Conde). I’ve never been happier to be proven wrong!  Wow! She blew me away! I had a decent night’s sleep last night and the pain level is still hovering at a 3. I feel sooooo much better. I’ll be doing another session or two (or three….). And yes, Conde, I am doing my homework!” – Gretchen Asher

Sheri’s Story- From hopelessness, lacking confidence, stuck in neutral and settling for less, to empowered and fearless.

“When I first met with Conde, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I believe God brought her into my life for healing and transformation. I put my faith in Him and was willing to do whatever it took to unlock what was keeping me from being happy and moving me forward. I always had this vision that areas of my life resembled a stick shift being in the neutral position. I knew intellectually I needed to shift to get unstuck, but how? I struggled for years with the inability to switch into drive. I lacked the specific knowledge and skill to make it happen, resulting with periods of my life in a state ofhopelessness.

Through tapping exercises on acupuncture points along with daily affirmations, I began releasing many of what Conde called Limiting Belief Systems; I am now stronger, more centered and confident. Much like the miraculous emerging Butterfly, we are not meant to stay in the cocoon forever. This is where Conde’s talent and vision is relevant. Her approach & style is unlike anyone I have ever met.

When difficult circumstances arise, I am equipped with a set of skills I can put to use for immediate results. I don’t have to stay in a painful place; be it feelings of defeat, rejection, unforgiveness or any other negative emotion. I don’t have to settle, I have the power to manifest exactly what I want out of my life, to write my story. What an empowering gift this has been!

To articulate the change Conde has had on my life is difficult. Sometimes, there are no words. Thank you for sharing with me and so many others God’s light and purpose. For teaching with a great deal of love there is a brighter, more abundant future to claim in our destiny. I will be eternally grateful for her showing me “how”. Conde’s spiritual gifts, insurmountable support and love have been life-changing for me to say the least.”

With gratitude,

Sheri’ DeGeer

Elizabeth’s Story – From insomnia and fibro symptoms to sweet dreams and peaceful life.

I began seeing Conde to heal my Fibro.  Before my customized 10 week program with Conde I had never slept well.  Most of my life was lived in a kind of sleep deprived stuper.  After my first visit with Conde I begansleeping well.  Now, I even take afternoon naps, which never happened before unless I was ill. The healing that has happend has been incredible.  It  has been  amazing and almost unbelievable feeling getting up in the morning and actualy feel as if the world is welcoming me.    THANKS TO YOU CONDE. – Elizabeth

“After my husband of 20 years left me, I was facing a major life restructure.  I had a job, good friends, and thought I had put the hurt of the divorce – which took over two years – behind me.  Apparently I was in for a rude surprise.  The first dog we adopted together – and the last physical tie to my prior life – passed away after a brief illness.  Seeing my ex devastated over this loss…and feeling my devastation as well….was too much.  I went out with some friends after work, and next thing I knew I was in an ER room.  I had almost died from alcohol poisoning.  My friends made sure I got help, they made sure I didn’t drive, but they couldn’t save me from myself.  I saw my doctor a few days later to follow up, and she referred me to Conde.

Conde’s program saved my life.  I have found the means to move on….to forgive my ex and most of all, myself.  I no longer need antidepressants and antianxiety medications.  If I do find myself in a bad place, I take a moment and tap it out.  I have a renewed sense of self, a renewed lease on life.  Thanks to Conde’s program I am finally moving forward in a meaningful way.  I am rediscovering myself and what brings me joy.”  – Dolly

Chance’s Story – From depression, grief, stuttering, and anxiety to confident and happy.

When I first started working with Conde I had been through some of the biggest life stressors within an eight month period. I had hit rock bottom.  I had lost my Mother and my brother in law.  I had just moved to Portland and started a new job. I had no confidence and I was depressed. I was sleeping 12 to 14 hours a day.  I was sick all the time and didn’t want to go to work.   I was so beat down with anxiety I had developed a  stutter.

Every time I left her office feeling like I was a completely different person.  My perception had changed almost instantly. It only took one tapping session and my stuttering problem was gone. My life changed in a short amount of time.  I went from a depressed super negative person who was struggling at work and didn’t have very many clients, to a top trainer who has to turn people away.

Conde helped me get rid of my depression, anxiety, and stuttering, and replaced it with a positive attitude and self-confidence.  Now I am super happy,  I’m doing great at work.  I don’t know where I would be without her.  My only regret was not seeing Conde sooner. – Chance Miles

Katelyn’s Story – Chronic pain, grief, and financial blocks resolved.

“It’s hard for me to explain in words all of the healing that took place in the sessions with Conde.  I feel as though I had bombarded her with multiple issues of chronic painstress, griefego and financial blocks.  The first session was so powerfully eye opening I didn’t realize that all the issues were connected and could all be addressed at once.  As epiphanies occurred in my body, mind and spiritual connections the pain in my knee, shoulders and neck felt a huge release like shackles breaking and falling off a once enslaved body.

My knee and hip in particular had been an issue for 5 years from overuse and a wrestling accident.  The pain would come and go and at times was debilitating.  Even though now it sometimes is aggravated by physical or emotional stress I can stop it from ever being painful by remembering the session and seeing the shackles fall off once more.  I had experienced reiki before but nothing compares to the energetic healing that Conde does.  She is compassionate intuitive and helped me see underlying issues that wiped out my fears and self-doubt.”  – Katelyn Freeman

Cynthia’s Story – Attempted suicide and depression does complete 180; happy and fulfilled.

I began working with Conde after I attempted a suicide.  I suffered from horrible depression and to make matters worse I had just experienced a devastating break up.  A good friend told me to see Conde.  The day I showed up in her office I was underweight, frail, sad and lonely.  I remember when she asked me if I was ready to change my life and accept a new me.  I have to be honest I was scared and slightly intimidated.  I did not think it could happen or that I would ever feel happy or whole again.  The first session allowed me to reconnect with my higher self with the guidance of Conde.  I left feeling that there was hope after all.  I went home and practiced tapping, meditation and positive thinking and used the essential oils she gave me.  Slowly my life started to glow again.  As we worked together I began to love myself, accept myself and that’s when things started to change.  Today I am a whole self-loving spiritual individual.  I am thankful for the person I have become and for those experiences of which changed me.  For the first time in my life I love myself and feel good about being in my own skin.  I for the first time love my job.  I for the first time feel excited to wake up in the morning. Thank you Conde for your assistance in uncovering my true self.

Much love,


Kristin Story – From difficult times and struggle to fearless empowerment.
“My experience with Conde has been both gently encouraging and ferociously fearless. With Conde’s guidance, I have gone from tentative to enthusiastic. She has made it possible for me to move forward in the most difficult of times. I love working with Conde. “
Kristin Taylor