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Pain Relief
Pain Relief


Chronic pain is considered a disease itself. It can be influenced by environmental factors and is resistant to most medical treatments.  One of the main reasons for this treatment resistance is the fact that traditional medicine does not take emotions in to account even though the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has said that…

"There's an emotional component in 85% of all illnesses." 

Most doctors have a huge gap in their understanding of physical pain, and the solutions for creating lasting pain relief...

What traditional doctors do not understand is that our emotions, whether conscious or unconscious, play in our physical health.

Chronic pain affects emotional states and can cause or worsen preexisting conditions like depression and anxiety.   It can also increase feelings of hopelessness, fear and anger.  Daily tasks can seem impossible to do, relationships, jobs, and self-esteem all take a beating.

Did you know that women experience pain differently than men?  Women feel pain more intensely and are at greater risk of developing chronic pain conditions than men.

But I'm here to tell you that...

Physical pain doesn't need to dictate and limit your life any longer.

All our programs are designed to get the root cause of your pain and illness that you you can restore your wellness.


Energetic Healing is a non-touch type of energy healing that uses energy, light and information coupled with intention to change a situation and bring it into a higher more productive state of being. It balances your body's energy system, so your body has what it needs in order to heal itself. It identifies the root cause of the disease so that it can be alleviated or eliminated without negative side effects. Energetic healing is non-invasive and is complimentary to other traditional treatments for Fibromyalgia relief.

Remote sessions are available and are as potent as an in person session.  They are effective, discreet, and completely confidential.


Do I need a diagnosis for this to help?  


No, because the diagnosis is not as important as healing.